Foundation Education in Action BiH, is a non-governmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Education Foundation in Action is the legal Successor of the Finnish Organizations “Education from Conflict to Internationalism”.

The Foundation is also successor to the UWC-IBO Initiative in BiH, which established the UWC Mostar in 2006. The Foundation’s mission is to provide the next generations of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the knowledge, skills, leadership qualities and international values, necessary to overcome the ethnic divides and move their nation into the 21st century.

Foundation Education in Action from the very start of its establishment adopted the following tasks:

  • To be a key partner in the reform of pre-university education in BiH
  • Enable professional development for high school teachers
  • Facilitate educational projects for youth, enable regional mobility and contribute to reconciliation and mutual understanding among youth in BiH and in the region.
  • Ensure the financial stability of the United World College