Foundation Education in Action is one of the short-term technical assistance partners of Save the Children (SC), which is the leading and principal of the team working on the General Educational Activity TABLA.

TABLA is based on four key components (STEAM, 4Cs, PPDM, Learning Outcomes) stemming from the need for innovative educational teaching and learning approaches. TABLA embraces a new teaching paradigm while places the student at the center of the teaching process. BiH has historically taught students using lecturing, memorizing and reproduction. In this new paradigm, each student is supported to gain critical knowledge and skills to successfully compete in the 21st Century workforce. Reforms will transform teacher pre-and in-service training by integrating STEAM; Pedagogy, Psychology, Didactics and Teaching Methods (PPDM); Common Core Curriculum (CCC) based on learning outcomes; and build critical competencies such as Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration (4Cs). TABLA’s strategic approaches will build and strengthen emerging and critical capacities of future and current teachers and educational professionals to better support the education and development of students’ essential knowledge and competencies as they prepare for lives and careers in an increasingly interconnected and digitized world.

The project is funded by USAID.

Preparing future teachers: Educating for Democracy & Human Rights

The 3-year regional program aims to enhance the quality of education for future teachers (students and young teachers who are at the beginning of their career) through integration of education for democracy and human rights into initial and in-service teacher training institutions including national education authorities dealing with teacher training in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia. Special priority will be given to developing strong cooperation ties in the region among participating teacher education institutions with the aim to exchange national / regional experiences and discuss problems of common concern as well as develop a more consistent teacher education approach.

Administrative set-up

Project Leader/Facilitator: 

Save the Children for North Western Balkans (SC), 


National Education Institute Slovenia (NEIS), 

Foundation for Education in Action in BiH (FEiA), and 

Mreža za izgradnju mira (MZIM)


TABLA is continuation of MEASURE (Monitoring and Evaluation Support) and ENABLE BiH (Enhancing and Advancing Basic Learning and Education in BiH).

The TABLA Project takes an innovative approach to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian (BiH) education system to improve student learning outcomes and equip teachers with the skills to integrate STEM+A and critical thinking into learning environments. 

It has 4 parts:

SP 1: Pre-service Teacher Training

SP 2: Professional Development – In-Service Teacher  Training

SP 3: Ensuring quality learning environment

  • Equipping 100 schools in BiH with STEM labs

SP 4: Stimulating Discussion on Education Reform

  • Encourage and support existing reforms

The Education in Action Foundation has worked out the first part of the project, Subpurpose 1 – Pre-service teacher training and acted as adviser in the second part of the project SP2 – In- service teacher training.

Our work on the project lasted from February 2020 until July 2022. During that time, leaning on the expertise of the working team, on the starting research, and on discussions during the 92 working sessions, 18 materials were created that can be downloaded from this page.

Materials created are:

  1. Standard zanimanja nastavnika
  2. Standard kvalifikacije nastavnika
  3. Nastavnički modul (Zajednička jezgra nastavničkih studijskih programa)
  1. Rječnik pojmova sadržanih u dokumentima prvog dijela projekta Inicijalno obrazovanja nastavnika
  2.  Akreditacija studijskih programa u kontekstu implementacije standarda zanimanja/kvalifikacije nastavnika studijske programe nastavničkog smjera
  3. Anketa za nastavnike
  4. Kvantitativna i kvalitativna analiza nastavničkih studija u BiH
  5. Razvoj kompetencija u okviru projekta TABLA
  6. Digitalne kompetencije nastavnika
  7. Kreativnost, kritičko mišljenje, kolaboracija, komunikacija – Metode učenja i podučavanja
  8. Praćenje i vrednovanje učeničkih postignuća – Strategije praćenja i vrednovanja
  9. Metodička praksa i Dnevnik metodičke prakse
  10. Alokacija ECTS bodova
  11. Dvopredmetnost kao specifičnost studijskih programa nastavničkog smjera
  12. Sistem izbornih predmeta.
  13. Inkluzija – kvalitativna analiza